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Replacement of the cooling system in the existing plant will fundamentally open up possibilities for achieving higher performance of your production equipment. With the new ONI cooling system, we will improve the quality of circuit water, and improve heat transfer on your machines and molds. Furthermore, thanks to many years of experience of our application technicians, we have the opportunity to directly perform a number of optimizations of the production process in connection with the new technology.

In addition to reducing the energy consumption of the cooling system itself, we achieve more efficient temperature control by more than 7% on average by shortening the cycle of machines and optimizing their settings. Everyone interested in the new ONI cooling technology receives an offer to optimize the overall production process after installing the new stable and powerful ONI technology.

The achieved success in this field can be presented by a number of final evaluations, where we show a comparison of the situation before and after with a direct quantification of energy and financial savings.